automatic water supply, automatic control condenser adopts sleeve type, inner threaded
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automatic water supply, automatic control condenser adopts sleeve type, inner threaded

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It is an ideal steam pipe laying method, and the service life of steam directly buried steel sleeve steel insulation pipe is composed of steel pipe conveying medium, and ultra-fine glass cotton filled between steel pipe and jacket steel pipe, and graphite can also be used. Polyurethane insulation pipe is divided into three layers from the inside to the outside: the first layer: the working steel pipe layer generally chooses seamless steel pipe according to the design and customer requirements.

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Huifu water cooler inhales cold air and discharges hot air by itself, which dissipates heat without external cooling tower, so it is convenient to install and move. The microcomputer intelligent temperature controller uses high-precision digital display to control the water temperature ±1 ℃. The temperature range is 3-50 ℃, and the temperature can be set arbitrarily. Equipped with open stainless steel thick incubator, built-in automatic water supply, automatic control condenser adopts sleeve type, inner threaded copper tube, reasonable design and high heat transfer efficiency. The cooling and cold discharge of the water chiller is arranged by the row and row tubes on the warping sheet, and the secondary flanging warping sheet mechanical tube expansion process and the first heat exchanger production line are adopted to ensure the work efficiency. Electrostatic spray shell, Europeanized design, beautiful and exquisite. The outer panel adopts the form of rapid disassembly and assembly, which is easy to use and maintain. Side air intake, side air exhaust, good heat dissipation performance. Equipped with castors, it is more convenient to move.

automatic water supply, automatic control condenser adopts sleeve type, inner threaded

Second, valve insulation sleeve jacket? Main materials: Hunan Venice flexible removable thermal insulation cover (clothing) adopts high and low temperature resistant, fireproof and thermal insulation materials; it is composed of three layers: inner lining, middle insulation layer and outer protective layer; according to the specific shape and use of valve steam pipe or equipment, after careful design, surveying and mapping, it is made by special technology. The working temperature is below 850 ℃. For more details, please visit Hunan Venice website.

The straight hair of Songyang 820: 10 polyurethane directly buried insulation pipe factory can show important characteristics in practical use. This process is suitable for manufacturing large elbows of any specification where the ratio of middle diameter to inner diameter of stamping elbows is greater than that of stamping elbows. It is an ideal method for manufacturing large carbon steel pipe fittings at present. The pipe is composed of three layers of corundum ceramic transition layer steel from the inside to the outside. The ceramic layer forms dense corundum porcelain at the above high temperature and forms a firm combination with the steel pipe through the transition layer. The double-layer seam on the wrong surface of the thermal insulation material is tied up on the working steel pipe, which reduces the heat loss, does not have surface friction with the steel sleeve, and prolongs the service life of the insulation layer, and its thickness depends on the medium temperature. The size and direction of the thermal displacement of the pipeline are controlled and guided by its limit function (the elastic support hanger does not have this effect).

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automatic water supply, automatic control condenser adopts sleeve type, inner threaded

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Price trend of thermal insulation steel pipe in Shanwei thermal power project the heat loss of thermal insulation steel pipe type of directly buried steel sleeve can be reduced by more than 40% compared with ordinary pipe, and its working life is 3-5 times longer than that of other thermal insulation anti-corrosion materials. the service life can reach 30-50 years, and the quality is in line with or higher than Chinese industry standards. Its perfect thermal insulation system has the characteristics of low overall cost, short construction period, long life, energy saving and environmental protection. The continuous operating temperature is 130℃ and the peak value is 150℃. Directly buried insulation pipe classification: plastic sleeve steel insulation pipe: plastic sleeve steel insulation pipe is composed of high density polyethylene outer casing, polyurethane foam insulation layer and internal working steel pipe.

automatic water supply, automatic control condenser adopts sleeve type, inner threaded

According to relevant data, this material will not release toxic substances in the use of national policy to miss high school, and it is healthy and safe to use, with a soft and beautiful surface, easy to bend, convenient and quick construction, and no need for other auxiliary materials. We should know that this kind of thermal insulation material also has excellent flame retardant performance, especially after the rubber and plastic sponge is covered with a layer of aluminum foil, it can improve its flame retardant performance to a certain extent. The internal sliding internal fixation of steel sleeve steel insulation steel pipe is to fix the working steel pipe to the external protection pipe through a certain structural form.

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