first wash their own hands, with soft towel s or wet towels
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first wash their own hands, with soft towel s or wet towels

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6. The personnel at the scene should keep calm and not shout loudly, in case a large amount of gas is exhaled into the lungs and further poisoned; cover the mouth and nose with hands and, if possible, use wet towels to cover the mouth and nose and crawl to evacuate the scene; all actions of the on-site staff should obey the command of the site management personnel, and idle personnel should evacuate the scene immediately.

Avoid interpersonal contact: for people with skin tinea, you should avoid contact with them as much as possible, especially do not share their personal belongings such as clothes and towels, and do not swim or bathe with them.

Whether the mother is picking vegetables, the child comes to help; the mother cleans the floor, wipes the table, and throws rubbish; when preparing to eat, wash hands, divide dishes and chopsticks, serve rice, and wipe your mouth with a towel; I can wipe my nose and sweat with a handkerchief. I can wear a coat and socks, clean myself after defecation, brush my teeth sooner or later, and make my own quilt.

first wash their own hands, with soft towel s or wet towels

Combined with the new health care system, we conscientiously do a good job in morning check, check and check, do a good job in taking medicine for young children, and carefully check the name, drug name, dosage and time of taking it, so as not to cause harm to young children; put an end to the epidemic and spread of infectious diseases, isolate immediately after discovery, and persist in ultraviolet disinfection every week in order to reduce the infection rate; put in place a good sanitary disinfection system to prevent the disease from entering the mouth. Wash and disinfect towels and mouth cups every day, wipe the easy-to-touch places of children with disinfectant: piano, tape recorder, table, corner cabinet, etc., disinfect toys once a week, expose books once a week, change pillowcases every half a month, and timely expose bedding once a month; and cooperate with health care doctors to do a good job of physical examination to make children grow up healthily and happily. This is a model summary of the middle class in kindergarten.

At 04:55 in the afternoon, with thick smoke and rapid sirens, all the students, led by the head teacher and under the guidance of firefighters, covered their mouths and noses with towels and evacuated quickly and orderly from the teaching building to the school football field. After arriving at the “safe place”, the head teacher counts the personnel to ensure the safety of each student. The whole process is in good order, and there are no accidents such as crowding and bruising.

7. Baby private care, whether male or female treasure in cleaning private parts should use warm water, first wash their own hands, with soft towels or wet towels up and down gently wipe.

first wash their own hands, with soft towel s or wet towels

At about 23:30 on the evening of July 22, the police of Xianyan Police Station of Ouhai District Public Security Bureau received a report from a takeout boy that a little girl got lost, cried in the grass and dared not come out. After the police answered the police, they immediately rushed to the address mentioned by the police, and found that the little girl had been drenched by Rain Water, squatting in the grass shivering. The police hurriedly carried the little girl into the police car, wiped Rain Water off her head with a towel, and calmed the little girl down.

Once citizens mistakenly eat poisonous wild mushrooms, they can press hard objects such as wooden chopsticks and iron spoons on the base of their tongue with towels to urge vomiting, then rinse their mouths with salt water, and go to the hospital for further professional treatment as soon as possible. It is important to pay special attention to remember to bring leftover mushroom samples when you go to the hospital so that the doctor can determine the type of poisonous mushrooms in time.

In fact, at every stage of growing up, children may have special interest or sensitivity to different things, such as children constantly saying to themselves, “what color is this?” What color is the towel? What color is the dress? ” What he hopes is that his parents can enter his world, understand his curiosity, discover the mystery and beauty of the world, and rejoice with him.

first wash their own hands, with soft towel s or wet towels

“Brother Zhao, you have suffered a lot over the years. . ” I was still chatting with this man for a while. The bathroom door opened and a girl came out, tilting her head and wiping her long wet black hair with a towel. I hardly dared to recognize the girl who had walked in in the first place.

Virgo men are more accurate than ordinary men. They observe many things about girls, such as how to tidy up towels after use, what to do before going to bed, whether there are four places to wash, how to get quilts and mattresses when sleeping, and so on.