in our lives. After washing our faces, towel s are often used
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in our lives. After washing our faces, towel s are often used

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Pinkeye disease: the most common mode of transmission is that pathogens are transmitted indirectly through eye contact with contaminated hands, towels, eyes, washbasins, swimming pool water, etc. The main clinical manifestations of patients are foreign body sensation, eye pain, tears, photophobia, and increased watery secretions. A few patients may have symptoms such as systemic fever, fatigue, sore throat and muscle soreness.

Towels are indispensable items in our lives. After washing our faces, towels are often used to wipe. Many people think that towels can be used all the time as long as they are not bad, but there are also many problems with this idea. Because towels produce a lot of bacteria and harmful substances during use, things like towels must be replaced regularly, otherwise they will lead to skin allergies or skin diseases.

Like towels, bath towels are indispensable in our lives and are skin-friendly daily necessities. Like this skin-friendly product, we should be very careful when choosing to buy, because it is related to the quality of our daily life, how to choose among many bath towels? What kind of bath towels are suitable for us? Next, the editor will explain to you some ways to choose bath towels! Come on, learn!

When watching pearl milk tea swimming, Ah Fang notes their body temperature at any time. If mothers find their baby shivering in the water, please remember to fish the baby out in time, dry it with a towel and find a way to keep warm.

in our lives. After washing our faces, towel s are often used

When the electric towel rack is working, the fuselage heats up quickly, and then keeps the temperature constant, and the air in the small space of the bathroom will also heat up, which can not only inhibit bacteria, but also play a role in heating, effectively killing nearly 99% of bacteria.

(1) urge all classes to strictly implement the sanitary disinfection system, and regularly clean, disinfect and record the building blocks, books, teacups, towels and other items in the class in accordance with the requirements of the “articles disinfection routine”. Increase the frequency of disinfection during the epidemic of infectious diseases.