it can be wiped manually with cotton towel s or wheat bran.
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it can be wiped manually with cotton towel s or wheat bran.

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However, according to residents living on the same floor with the murdered girl, on the morning of the 11th, she personally saw the suspect rest on the second floor with a suitcase, his face flushed and a towel in his hand.

Second, pay attention to heat preservation mothers can use dry towels to wrap their hair when they blow-dry, so as to avoid taking away a large amount of heat when the hair is playing, so that the blood vessels of the scalp are suddenly shortened after being stimulated by cold, causing headaches.

it can be wiped manually with cotton towel s or wheat bran.

1. To prevent the calf from catching cold, the amniotic fluid of pregnant women in the mouth and nose must be removed immediately after birth, to prevent the amniotic fluid of pregnant women from entering the lungs and causing dirty pneumonia. The amniotic fluid of pregnant women can be licked dry by the cow. If the cow does not lick or the weather is cold, it can be wiped manually with cotton towels or wheat bran. 8-12 hours after the calf is born, heat insulation must be done to keep the temperature above 20 ℃. Otherwise, it is very easy to have diarrhea, illness, reduced attractiveness and so on.

2. Considering the stimulation of saliva to hemangioma, parents must clean the saliva on the surface of hemangioma in time. Parents should choose a soft towel when wiping, and gently touch it when wiping. Do not wipe back and forth on the surface of the tumor, do not wear the hemangioma epidermis, and not too frequently, frequent wiping will further stimulate the skin through which saliva flows. Destroy the original stratum corneum, weaken the barrier effect of the skin, and make the skin more vulnerable to germs.

I think of a lot of things, son. I often lose my temper with you. After you got dressed in the morning, I blamed you for wiping your face with a towel; I blamed you for not wiping your shoes clean; and I yelled at you angrily when I saw you littering things.

The correct way is to wrap the whole hair with a dry towel, press it so that the moisture on the hair is fully absorbed by the towel, and dry the hair with a hair dryer in time after drying most of the moisture with the towel.

it can be wiped manually with cotton towel s or wheat bran.

When the child is exhausted from crying, wipe his face with a hot towel as a sign of comfort. If the child continues to cry, you can put down the towel and say that if you want to cry, keep crying.

After washing their hair, many people desperately wipe their hair in order to dry their hair, but in fact, the hair scales are open at this time, rub hard with a towel, and the hair will explode.